I use a lot of pseudonyms around here. Here they are, in overview:


Doctor Trowell: That’s me. See the about me page for more information (about me).

Tweedledee: Dog #1. He’s the good one. In fact he’s a therapy dog.

Twiddledum:  Dog #2. He’s the bad one. But he is ridiculously cute so it’s hard to stay mad at him for long.

The Mothership:  My mom of course. She’s a force of nature.

The parentals/the parental units: My parents.

Peter Pan:  My half brother.  So named because I can’t believe he’s grown up so fast!

Zippy: Flagler Beach friend.

Hiawatha: Flagler Beach friend.

Clara Barton: Flagler Beach friend.

Uh-Manta: Rhode Island friend. Married to Doctor™ and mom of Black Shelter Dog.

Doctor™: Rhode Island friend. Married to Uh-Manta and dad of Black Shelter Dog.

Black Shelter Dog: Dog of Uh-Manta and Doctor™ and heartworm survivor.

Zulu company:  My first company at OCS.

Whiskey company:  My second company at OCS.

Pepper:  My hatchmate at OCS.



CONTROL: Naval Intelligence school. My upcoming employer (when I finish OCS in the fall).

Summer camp: The parentals’ neighbors’ house. The parentals’s neighbors had a dog boarding business up north but are now retired. They watch my dogs while I’m at OCS.


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