So to update you from my last post, the following things did not happen:

  • I did not do yoga every day the week before Christmas.  I pooped out after Wednesday.  By Thursday I felt like I was running around like a headless chicken trying to get the house clean and the food ready for the cookie swap.  Hell no I don’t have time to Zen!
  • I did not take pictures of the cookie swap because I was still running around trying to get the house clean and the food ready during the actual cookie swap.  Thankfully friends did not seem to mind that I was still baking stuff while they arrived.  And I have to say, the swap was a complete success!!  There was a lot of snacking and swapping and general all around holiday cheer.

The parentals arrived on Saturday after the cookie swap and were here through this past Sunday.  Christmas at the beach-yes please!  Since they left on Sunday I’ve been cleaning and tidying mucho because I suddenly counted up the days I have left in Flagler until I go to Virginia Beach–and oh god, it’s not many.  I leave next Tuesday!  Which means I have to pack and I can’t buy any more milk and I need to eat everything in the fridge and I need to take down the Christmas decorations.  Oh and Flagler County emailed me and I need to renew my library card.  I hate this kind of chaos.  I hate moving.

The plan is I’m packing the hell out of the car with all my clothes, the dogs’ stuff (which is a lot of stuff), other miscellaneous things like my knife set and my favorite frying pan, bathroom stuff, my uniforms obviously, books (including the book I was supposed to be reviewing for the American Journal of Archaeology and still haven’t read), my pillow…basically all my stuff that isn’t my furniture (or as much stuff will fit) and then I’m driving to Orlando where I will catch the Auto Train which goes from Orlando to northern Virginia, from where I will then drive down to Virginia Beach.  I’ve never taken the Auto Train before, but I didn’t want to drive by myself all that way.  According to Yelp reviews, the Auto Train is either an delightful journey straight out of a Agatha Christie novel (sans murder obvs) or is an experience only found in the Third World.  I’ve got the added stress of bringing the Twiddles, who aren’t technically allowed on the train…yeesh.  I’m ready though.  A few years ago when it was just Tweedledee and me, the two of us lived in Belgium for a few months, and for that adventure I bought a heavy duty and anonymous puppy carrier bag that was so unremarkable that once I was able to smuggle Tweedledee into a party where we met the American ambassador to Belgium, with no one the wiser.  For serious.

To prep for our train journey, I’ve asked Amazon Prime to send me a second heavy duty and anonymous puppy carrier bag for Tweedledum.  Overall it’s going to be uncomfortable for all of us, but I’m so hoping our voyage is more like the Agatha Christie experience rather than a rural Indian train service.  On the other hand–I once took the night train from Luxor to Cairo in Egypt, and I guarantee you that the Auto Train could NOT be worse than that.

So I’m optimistic!

Moving on to the subject of the new year.  This year my New Year’s resolution is a good hurt kind of pain:  I’ve resolved to match any discretionary spending, dollar for dollar, with an equal payment to my mortgage.  It’s basically fitness and discipline for my finances.

For me, discretionary spending is eating out, buying stuff I don’t need–like clothes–and literally any purchase at Michaels.

I got the idea when I started using an app called Debt Free which helps you manage and pay down debt.  Unfortunately since Debt Free cost $0.99 and I don’t technically need the app for any reason other than sheer convenience, I had to transfer $0.99 to my mortgage (thankfully there’s an app for that too, and it’s free).  Since I started the resolution when I did an overview of my finances about 2 weeks ago, I’ve had to transfer over $100 to my mortgage, which was really painful!  Which means I think my resolution is working already.  😉

So this is where I stand on December 31, 2014.  I have the feeling 2015 is going to be full of adventure.