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Image-1So the introspection and anxiety of my last post is soooo last post.  Over the weekend I stumbled across a couple of things that are focusing my energy at the moment. Firstly the mothership called me (Home phoning ET as it were) on Sunday to say that she was going to a cookie swap at next door’s and I was like wait, you get to sit around enjoying coffee and homemade cookies in a moment of calm and mutual appreciation with other lovely ladies?!?…OMG I want to go!!!  So I decided to host my own cookie swap–and of course I’m inviting you!

So what cookies am I going to make for my own party?  Since originality is not a required ingredient, I am stealing the mothership’s idea that she brought to next door’s cookie swap:  I’m making (no baking required) rice crispy treats.  As an added bonus, they are disproportionally popular to their short ingredient list and effort required to make–people go absolutely gaga for them.  I could literally start melting the butter the moment people pull in and the rice crispy treats would be ready by the time they come in and put their handbags down.  (Don’t worry, I’m not actually considering this level of procrastination.)  You can make homemade apple pie with hours spent on a dang-on homemade crust and people are like “oh no, I’m too full, maybe later”, but you show up with rice crispy treats and it’s like you are handing out dollar bills. DSC_0010-1024x682

For sheer fanciness (and to make it seem like I exerted some effort), I bought pretty sprinkles (as opposed to the ugly ones obviously) and thought I might dip the treats in melted chocolate and then sprinkles à la this Internet photo.  Oh! There appears to be a third bonus to my cookie choice:  According to Google image search, rice crispy treats make the perfect “bread” to a cookie sandwich, wherein you take 2 slices of rice crispy treat and stick a third cookie between them.  Voilà, lunch!

Just so you know I’m not the only one in this house who is cookie swapping–Tweedledee and Tweedledum are in on this too.  As a result I will probably be spending more time making dog treats than rice crispy treats for human beings.  Since many of my guests are as dog obsessed as I am (I am so not the only one), I found a couple recipes for homemade dog cookies and I ordered a dog cookie tin that should be arriving today, all thanks to the Internet.  This is a surprise for the guests, so don’t blab a word about this!  😄

All of this discussion (while making my mouth water for a rice crispy treat cookie sandwich) brings to me the second thing that I’m up to, which is to do yoga everyday for a week.  Basically I’m loading up on the good, healthy points before the next week of sheer food hedonism that my cookie swap is going to kick off.  Thanks to OCS–literally this is the only time you will hear me utter the phrase “thanks to OCS”–my tolerance for the heat and pain–er, maybe exertion is a better word–of hot yoga has dramatically increased so I have been going every other day or every 3 days but staying for 2 classes.  So this week will be a challenge for me, but I’m up for it.  Isn’t it great that the Navy is letting me have all this time to do not much?!

The final thing that I’m keen on at the moment is a number of books that I’ve got lined up on my Kindle bookshelf to read next week.  Since Thanksgiving I’ve been sewing and crocheting a crazy number of items before Christmas (I’m a fan of handmade gifts, since they are fun for me…what the recipient thinks is less important), but of course I overdo things and go full steam.  So anyway, by next week, it will basically be too late for me to sew anything, and I will celebrate by kicking back with some during-the-day reading…!  Should an emergency gift situation arise, well, that’s why the mothership has Amazon Prime.

I should add as a final one sentence here at the end that I’m also trying to edit a book chapter for publication.  I doubt the editors read my blog, but, just in case: Michael and Natasha, I am so working on this, like, all the time.  It’s so almost done.  No need to worry. I will have pics for you next time from the cookie swap! xx Doctor Trowell