I’m sorry.  It’s been well over a month since my last post.  I know, I know, that’s the equivalent of going out of business in the bloggy world.  And I don’t even have an excuse–if anything, I have had the time to make two posts a day if I’d wanted since I finished OCS (but who would want to read that hideous level of navel gazing? besides the mothership obvs).  It’s not like I’ve become a super spy since finishing OCS and I’m in the wind.  No, no, I’ve just been at home.  So what’s been going on?

Honestly, nothing. And many things.  Real life, and getting rehabilitated back into real life.  And part of me doesn’t quite believe that OCS is completely and officially over, and I never have to go back. Ever.

So let’s begin with the center of my universe, and work outwards.  What Navy stuff have I been doing?  I’m on O-HARP, which means I work for the Daytona Beach recruiting district.  But they haven’t had anything for me to do (and I mean anything), so the most grueling thing I have had to do was attend this function tonight:

It was really fun!  We sang carols!

Otherwise I just text my Lieutenant between 8 and 9 o’clock every morning to attest to the fact that I am still alive.  Seriously, that’s my job until January 2015 (and your tax dollars at work).  I am delighted about this, since it has given me the time to do other real life type things, like:

  • Take Tweedledee and Tweedledum to the dog park
  • Spend Thanksgiving at home
  • Read for fun
  • Hot yoga of course
  • Get my teeth cleaned, which I like to be scrupulous about,
  • Get introduced to the TV show Outlander, which inspired the
  • Posting of my first pattern on ravelry
  • Get addicted to Serial (I mean heavily addicted)
  • Sleep in! And sleep in my own bed!
  • Take my car in for servicing
  • Go through my closet to make room for my uniforms (which need a lot of space), and take unworn stuff to the thrift store
  • Catch up with friends (I should really move this higher up the list, because I have been doing this loads)
  • Ok, this is going to get gross here, but since I don’t have to wear my uniform, my feet have healed enough so that I could go get a pedicure without the aesthetician fainting at the sight of what were my hobbit feet
  • Ow and I re-pierced my nose.

So not really doing much of anything. Some days, I don’t think about OCS once.  Other days, it feels like I’ve fallen into a rabbit hole of memories and experiences, and on these days I definitely can’t believe the whole OCS experience is over FOREVER.  Basically, you could diagnose me with OCS PTSD.  The mere sight of a chief makes my mouth go dry (it happened tonight at the concert).  I outrank chiefs now; they have to call me ma’am and salute me, but my initial reaction is still to hide.

So maybe that’s why I’ve not posted anything here–I’m trying to get adjusted to a new normal, even though I know O-HARP isn’t normal, cause soon I will be in Virginia Beach doing CONTROL-type things, so I’m also telling myself not to get too used to epic levels of slacking off.  Therefore I cannot write about my situation, since I’m not exactly sure what my situation is.

And…this is why I’m Intel–I over-think everything.