Today I packed up the car with my suitcase, the Tweedles, the Tweedles’ suitcase, and my electronic mass, and we left Flagler Beach and headed for the parentals’ house (and the Tweedles to summer camp).  The parentals are driving me to the airport tomorrow and are keeping my car while I’m at OCS.  I went to one last yoga class, came home, did final last minute cleaning/packing, loaded car, and got on the road.  Some 5 hours later I realized I left the milk and eggs in the fridge.  Still not ready to curse on the Internet…but I did in real life, so you fill it in.

I stopped on the way for a farewell lunch curtesy of the drive-thru of Steak ‘n Shake.  For those of you not familiar with this fine establishment, it specializes in fusion cuisine of Southern and Beach food.  For example, the parting meal I had, a double steak burger with cheese, french fries, and mint Oreo milkshake with whipped cream, brought together the Southern food groups of sliced tomatoes, fried, and cream, together with the Beach food groups of ice cream and grilled.  I needed a last taste of home before I head north.

Next stop:  dropping the Tweedles off at summer camp.  Tweedledee could tell something was going on and actually jumped up on the counter so he could come over to me.  (He’s Italian Greyhound so he can do that.)  It was definitely upsetting to say goodbye.  I told them that I loved them and to make good choices and that I would see them soon.  Tweedledee always looks so worried that this is the last time he will see me.  The neighbors held him when I walked out and I didn’t look back.

When I got home to the parentals’ house a minute later, the mothership told me that their ornery dog had a third stroke yesterday, and they had to put her down this morning.

My yoga teacher, who is also a friend, said to me this morning, “this isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later.”

Quizi–I will see you later.  But I miss you now.

A quizi bug