There have been piles of random stuff around the house for days.  But today I actually opened my suitcase and started putting things in.  Tweedledee normally gets rather agitated by suitcases, but he’s a therapy dog, and we had a therapy visit this morning, so he’s worn out and is currently asleep (albeit right next to the suitcase so he can continue to monitor the situation).

As usual, mentally I have about 5 things to pack, whereas realistically the suitcase is nearly full and I’m not at all done.  And, irony of ironies, I don’t actually have 12 pairs of skivvies–I have 10 (not counting what’s in the laundry hamper or ON) so I may actually have to break down and buy new.  I also realized today that I inadvertently bought two bottles of conditioner rather than a shampoo and conditioner (urgh) and so I do have to head back to the store.

There’s also a simultaneous exercise going on wherein I look bittersweetly around my house at all the things I will not need. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Yellow, sparkly, pink, red, silver, etc. nail polish
  • Books
  • Computer (not like I love my computer…I just can’t imagine life with it.)
  • My crochet
  • Kitchenaid
  • Yoga mat
  • My bed, sheets, and ahhh pillow
  • Tweedledee and Tweedledum.  Gulp.

Perhaps you are not aware that puppies of any sort are not welcome at OCS.  It’s inhumane, but true.  Unfortunately the parentals have their own dogs both of whom are retired racing greyhounds, both of whom are old and one of whom is crotchety, otherwise they would have watched the Tweedles.  Instead, the Tweedles will be staying with my parents’ neighbors, who owned a dog boarding business up north but retired early to FL to a ginormous house where they exercise their hobby of adopting dogs left abandoned at Animal Control.  The Tweedles have stayed with the neighbors before and love being there, particularly because they get to hang out with their buddy Casey, a chihuahua mix.  We call the neighbors’ house “summer camp.”  So the Tweedles will be at summer camp while I’m at OCS.  Summer camp has a doggy door in the back that opens out into a private, fenced in, pebbled, seriously spacious doggy bathroom.  Tweedledum loves using the doggy door.  He gets this look on his face time every time he bustles in or out that says “if only facilities like these were installed everywhere, I could run a Fortune 500 company or hold public office.”  Summer camp is a classy establishment.

On the plus side, one thing I definitely have ready to go is stringy and split-endy hair, so I’m ready for the OCS hair cut.  Normally I’m pretty scrupulous about getting hair cuts, especially in the summer when my hair has a tendency to grow faster but also gets easily damaged by the sun, beach, pool chlorine, etc.  Not this summer though!  I haven’t bothered to get a trim since the first week of May, when I was first told I was going to OCS in June, so I didn’t bother getting it cut. Then when the date got pushed back to July, I exhibited the same stubbornness and irritation readers have already encountered with the issue of the 12 pairs of white, brief cut underwear.  It went something like this: FINE! Since they are making me get a bob hair cut that I don’t want, which I then have to pay $12 for, well FINE, they can have a real slovenly mane on their hands.  (But I said this with a lot more curse words.  Like, a lot a lot more.  I curse a lot in real life, I curse a lot in my head, but I’m not at the point of cursing yet on the Internet, although in all honesty that’s probably the direction this blog is heading in future FYI.)

I sign off here by saying I was hoping that actually packing things into the suitcase would help make my house a bit tidier, but honestly, right now all I have is a bigger mess with more piles of junk everywhere.  Ug.

Further research:  I should probably finish the book I’m reading.  It’s The Making of the Middle Sea.  I think I’m towards the end, but I can’t actually tell, since the book is easily 5 inches thick.  I am some hundreds of pages in, and probably have hundreds to go.  Ok, maybe I won’t be able to finish it, but it’s a good goal.

Update, 4 hours later:  Just saw this, curtesy of the Internet (and not my recruiter):

All, We recently got word from OCS that starting with the upcoming 20Jul OCS class, female officer candidates will not be forced to get their hair cut at OCS. With this change, female applicants should not feel compelled to get their hair cut prior to shipping to OCS in order to avoid getting it chopped at OCS since OCS is no longer cutting the hair of female officer candidates involuntarily.

Further research has been changed to:  Make hair appointment for tomorrow.