So today I walked right into a trap. By which I mean a surprise going away party!!

And let me say, it’s a good thing I’m going to CONTROL where presumably they teach you to pick up on other people’s plotting and cunning, since I had no idea about the party.  Not even when I arrived at the venue and the hostess asked me for my name and I was like “uh, don’t you need the name of the people who booked the meeting here? I’m looking for Zippy and Hiawatha.”

Naturally, I was the worst dressed there. Everyone else was wearing dresses or glitzy tops, heels, and had styled their hair. I had come from yoga, and had debated not showering. Thank the stars that I nixed that plan…the hugging part of the party would have had to be cancelled otherwise.

The next 3 hours were the best this week. And probably the best for next week too.  I ate awesome food till I was stuffed and then red velvet cake afterwards.  And I got gifties!!  A lot of stationary so I can write home, a countdown calendar, framed photos, a rice therapy bag, a pair of non-uniform skivvies as a show of solidarity in my boycott of the white briefs (hee hee thanks Clara Barton!), and more.  Plus everyone gave me an extra card that I am to open while at OCS when I’m homesick and sick and tired. Some of the envelopes say “when you are feeling down” and “when you want to laugh”–cheery notes that I will definitely be needing.

I absolutely feel like the most loved person heading to OCS. You guys are the best.

Further research: Watch An Officer and a Gentleman. It’s gotta happen.

This is a serious haul!!